7 Unbeatable Digital Marketing Strategy for Escalate Sales

Jan 31, 2020

Digital marketing is a broad term. The usual marketing things like SEO, social media, and conversion rate optimization will continue to be important. But, now the highest amount of search queries are coming from a mobile device and that’s why digital marketers have to come up with a completely different strategy to target those people.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales in 2020

1. Personalisation: If you check the current technologies, you can’t find the one through which you can make the personalization effectively. This is something that you have to do by yourself and as per the project requirements.

2. Data Transparency & Protection: The data is the most powerful thing and without the data, you can’t target the relevant audience. But with the data, you have to maintain it properly and keep them secured as well.

3. Contextual Targeting: It’s really hard to gain personal data and that’s why marketers need to explore another alternative way to get the data of the people whom they want to target and the people who have shown interest in their business. Contextual targeting focuses on individual user sessions and the content people engage with.

4. Targeting ‘Generation Z’: People have been targeting the Millennials for years but now it’s time to target Generation Z. People born between 1990 and 2012 are the ones who can make online shopping decisions better and they are the ones who rely on such kinds of things. So start to target these people to get the maximum sales.

5. Content marketing: Everyone says Content is King and there is no doubt about it. Without a great piece of content, you can’t target your desired audience. This is the most effective digital marketing strategy above big data, machine learning, and everything else.

6. Live Video Marketing: Social media is everywhere now. These are the platforms you should use effectively to target the maximum audience. Video marketing is getting popular day by day because no one likes to read that 1000-word content. If you want to present something, you should represent it in video form with effective animations. And live videos are the best to engage the crowd.

7. Conversational UI: Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. are some of the most effective devices and these are the things through which you can bring genuine conversions. This trend will continue for many years so start to target them because people feel more comfortable talking with devices.