Aiwa Digital Proud to be a Leading PPC Partner!

Nov 9, 2020

Here at Aiwa Digital, we know it can be challenging to implement high-quality PPC campaigns while staying afloat in today’s struggling economy. That’s why we’re here to help! We take time to understand your digital marketing perspectives and map out a vision that aligns with a focused strategy with efficient execution. Whether you’re struggling with creating a platform, SEO, paid search, or organic traffic, we’ll help you grow your business with a masterful solution. We tackle even your most far-fetched digital marketing obstacles so you can focus on new and exciting avenues for growth.

In recognition of our success and dedication, we’ve been listed as a leading digital marketing agency on The Manifest, a B2B how-to guide resource and business data platform. Their site offers insight into the business services space by recounting companies’ past projects and how they stack up against industry benchmarks for success.

In addition to the Manifest, we’ve also earned recognition on Clutch’s list of top PPC agencies in Dubai. For those who might not be familiar, Clutch is a B2B market research authority where visitors can look through customer reviews and see which vendor is a good fit to fill their latest needs.

Clients play a huge part in the Clutch ranking process. For each review, a client is asked to engage with analysts and discuss how their vendor performed on key aspects such as quality, attention to project timelines, and overall project management acumen. Then, that transcript is edited lightly for clarity and readability by the Clutch team. Finally, a finished case study style review is published to the vendor profile along with a ranking out of five stars.

We appreciate feedback in all its various forms. It helps us improve our services by highlighting key areas for growth. It also lets us know what clients are enjoying and the services we should continue to offer. We especially appreciate feedback in the form of Clutch reviews. Because they’re so thorough and detailed, vendors can tell exactly what they should improve for future projects. As a bonus, you can show prospective clients your profile and they can learn more about how your business performed from an objective resource.

We’re thrilled to receive such high praise and acclaim from the business services research community! Interested in learning more about how Aiwa Digital can help you soar? Drop us a line today, and let’s get started!