General Terms & Conditions

EUMECON, under the brand name AIWA, is engaged in the business of providing services of Digital Marketing & Development such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Third Party Paid Digital Advertisements, Social Media Management (SMM), Affiliate Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Web/App Consulting, Web/App Design & Development, Web/App Maintenance Services, Domain Services, Hosting Services, B2B online Business Platform ( and other subscription based  products/services.

This contract (should be signed by the company proprietor, a director, manager or any other employee who claims to have the authority to do so on behalf of the Client), constitutes a legally binding agreement between Eumecon IT Systems LLC (hereinafter named AIWA) and the customer named on this ORDER FORM (hereinafter named CLIENT). The services agreed upon by signing this ORDER FORM is subject to the terms and conditions below.


The project proposals and quotes submitted to you are based on your requirements supplied. Specifications proposed and costs quoted are based on our interpretation of the details supplied by you. These costs are subject to change once the final requirements of the project are known or if the initial requirements supplied at the time of quoting were to change.

All costs shown in our quotes, proposals, website and other marketing material are exclusive of applicable Taxes, unless otherwise stated in the QUOTE/ORDER FORM.

Cancelling the project after signing ORDER FORM and Advance payment may result in loss of part or full payment from the paid-up amount based on the level of completion at the time of cancellation. Cancellations should be communicated in writing at least 30 days Prior for projects with 3 months above duration or by serving a 7days’ notice period.  Cancellation of projects will attract a minimum of 20% admin fee to cover the cost incurred during the project planning, quoting and scheduling process.

AIWA uses third party supplier tools/services in Web/App design and Development, Web/App hosting, SMM and SEM. AIWA may offer paid or unpaid ongoing support and advice on projects that has been undertaken. AIWA may not be liable for issues that arise due to the functionality/service/policy change of such third-party products.

When developing products such as websites, web/mobile applications etc. AIWA will provide visuals of the final product for your approval. You are required to finalize the design and layout using these visuals as a guideline prior to start production of the working version of the product. Changes to design or layout once production has started may consider as change request and will incur additional charges.

Please note that the visuals may not exactly match the final working version of the product. This is due to the visual being a static image (JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PSD) and final multimedia product will be built using web technologies such as HTML/PHP/CSS or other similar programs. You are to use the visual as a guide only when approving the look and feel of the design and layout.

During the scheduling process we allocate 1-5 business days for your feedback. Exact duration will be mentioned on the schedule. If you don’t supply us with the requirements as per the planned schedule, we will schedule other jobs ahead of yours and your project completion date will be delayed.

Images used on the mockup(s) are SAMPLES ONLY. Cost of the mockups/designs shown does not include images shown. Once you select a mockup, we will replace these images with suitable images to your business. You are required to supply images. If we are to source images extra charges may incur in actuals.

For all services AIWA will supply a timeline (schedule) which will outline the requirements from you. It is your responsibility to supply us with the requirements such as the advance payment, content and images, feedback for visuals and functionality.

Based on campaign requisite, you may be expected to provide necessary account access privileges to AIWA for effective management of your campaign. AIWA also recommends that you revoke the login details as soon as the project has been completed.

Intellectual Property & Copyright of all created artwork, files, code and documents remain the property of AIWA unless otherwise stated in the ORDER FORM. You are not to use or recreate any artwork, concepts, code and documents given to you by AIWA during or after the project.

It is mutually agreed between Parties hereto that all ongoing projects (SEO, SMM, AMC, Third Party paid online advertisements, subscription products/services) are auto renewed for another term unless otherwise a written notice of cancellation is received from the Client as per the cancellation terms mentioned.

Apart from the General Terms listed here, any project specific conditions mentioned in the ORDER FORM will also binding on Parties.

For B2B Platform packages, the term “HOSTING PERIOD” shall be the time duration of advertisement remains to be published in the site. The hosting period is calculated starting from the first date of advertisement being displayed on to the expiry of the PERIOD mentioned in the ORDER FORM. The Advertiser accepts to LIST/ADVERTISE meeting the conditions agreed in this ORDER FORM in between time frame of Hosting Period. Republishing of the information will be at the Publisher’s discretion. The Advertiser must advice the publisher (in writing) of any changes in the information required or renewal.


AIWA works on advance payments as our work demands grounding prior to implementation or due to faster turnaround time of the projects handled by us. Unless otherwise stated differently in the ORDER FORM, our payment terms are as follows. All payments should be made in favor of “Eumecon IT Systems LLC”.

For design and product development services (web design, web development, mobile application development, email design and similar services) 50% upfront payment is required at the time of signing the ORDER FORM. The second invoice of 25% will be invoiced along with the template submission. The balance 25% before going live. The project will go live based on a written communication from the Client which will be deemed as the completion of the project.

Projects/work that have been sent to the customer for final review and have not received feedback within 7 days are deemed complete and will, if applicable, have the final invoice issued for payment.

Third Party Paid Advertisements, SMO, SMM, Email, SMS and any other third party associated services/projects require 100% payment in upfront.

For B2B Platform, all payments must be made in advance.

AIWA may switch off any ongoing services without prior notice if the payment(s) has not been received due to insufficient funds, credit card cancellations, etc. on or before the date due.

AIWA will not renew your domain name/ hosting service if the renewal confirmation and payment has not been received on time. Once the domain name has expired AIWA cannot guarantee the renewal of this domain name.

AIWA will not be responsible for project delivery delays caused by putting the project on hold due to payment issues.

All invoices supplied by AIWA will fall due in 7 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise stated in ORDER FORM.

AIWA will schedule or start work only after getting the ORDER FORM signed and collecting the Advance payments.

Any dispute arising between the two parties regarding contract interpretation or application shall be subject to the laws of UAE and to the courts of the Abu Dhabi. This contract was written in three (3) copies of which one copy is meant for the Advertiser.

Facts and Policy Worth Mentioning 

Normally SEO & SMO will take at least 4 to 6 months time to start showing results.

AIWA will not at any circumstances sell or provide your login details to a 3rd party, or access, download, copy or delete your existing databases (contact lists). AIWA will not use the supplied login details for any other reason but to complete the task that was asked by you.

Even though AIWA will make every effort to keep your account login details secure we will not be liable for any unauthorized access to your account and its content using the login you supplied to us. It is your responsibility to make sure you create us a secured login and revoke the access as soon as the work has been completed.


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