Image SEO in 2019: Optimization and Online Visibility

Sep 30, 2019

We talk about mushrooming technology and its effects on digitalization. However, even today, there are many lagging terms, and one highlighted thing is the failure of search engines to interpret the images. Search engines find it tricky to read the image, or we can say, it cannot read images at all. The only thing that can help them in achieving knowledge about the image is the text coupled with it.

This course of action is known to optimize the image. Image SEO helps in optimizing the picture to make it search engine-friendly. Also, not performing this activity is similar to put the image deep down in the trash. Giving a name to the image and optimizing it with ALT and other features help the search engines scrupulously. The worth of Image SEO services in 2019 cannot be overseen seeing the prospect of digitalization and competition hovering over.

How to optimize an image?
It is the next subsequent question that pops out in one’s mind. So, here are certain tips that will help in a better way.

• Images are mostly of two types when it comes to using on the website that is vector and raster. Therefore, here, you need to choose the right image depending on dimensions, pixels, and file size.

• The popular image formats include PNG, JPG and Gif available for raster images, while on the other hand SVG is considered best for vector ones. Picking the right formats is essential.

• Now, comes the key task that is naming the images. Search engines can’t read the images but can relate with the same brilliantly. By giving a name to the image used, you will aid the search engines in understanding the worth of the image and why it has been used in the given context. Make optimum use of the ALT tag by inducing the main keyword.

• Always, involve the practice of picking high-quality images. It will make the user stop and read the related context. Whereas never try to use copyright images, and if you are doing so, give the sole credit to wherever it belongs.

• Don’t use words like the picture of, the image of, plus avoid stuffing the ALT tag with keyword too.

Why optimizing the image is significant?
• It will serve the purpose of enhancing the keyword density of the content without stuffing it. Here you can add the keyword with the specified image, and at the same time, it will not get combined with the word count.

• With the right optimization of the image, the loading time will get diminished and will proffer speed accordingly. One should not forget that site speed is a responsible factor in terms of ranking.

• Images do come out in the searches. So, by chance, if your website not ranking on the first page, but the related image is, then the chance of grabbing more clicks will turn out to be elevating.

The affiliation amid SEO and image is colossal as when these two elements are coupled, the results are amazing. Also, not optimizing the image might take your website out from the search engine results too.