Leading Mobile Application Development Trends of 2020

Dec 18, 2019 mobile-app-trends

For the past few years, mobile app development is constantly changing with the latest technologies and unique languages. And because of their amazing functionalities, they serve to be the best opportunity for small businesses as well as enterprises.

1. The era of AR/VR has just started!

AR and VR both are in trending now. In 2019, the use cases of these technologies are not limited to gaming anymore.

Plenty of companies are working towards innovations with AR and VR and many tech giants already successes in getting some amazing results. AR and VR also used in mobile applications to make things smarter.

2. Smart things – the new age of mobile-connected smart objects

Internet Of Things – IoT is the term that is used to define the word ‘smart things’ or ‘smart object’. This is the powerful thing of 2019 and many companies are using IoT to make the mobile application more powerful.

IoT is nothing but the network of physical objects. These things are embedded with sensors, electronics, and software. They all are interconnected within the network itself.

3. AI & machine learning

In the mobile app development market, AI & Machine Learning have dug their heels quite deeper. These things have made the mobile application quite amazing.

There are certain things that already work with AI such as Chatbots and many of us are using Siri, it’s the combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

4.Beacons – the market worth millions!

Beacons are the old technology but the adoption of this technology has been started from the past few years only. Now many hotels, healthcare industries, museums, and various other industries are already using Beacons in their mobile applications. This technology is quite easy to understand for normal users.

5.Cloud – the necessary element of future mobile apps

Many companies consider Cloud as the luxury option but in the future, it won’t be the case anymore. Many of us already have started to use cloud technology and they are enjoying the benefits of this beauty.


The above-described technologies are the few that will bring android application development to the next level in a few years. If you want to boost your sales and want to earn a profit, you have to hire a qualified mobile app development company who can understand your requirement and can provide you with the best solution.