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The mobile application development ecosystem has been growing at a tremendous pace with millions of applications and app developers. Given how often we stay glued on our smartphones to shop, read, play, listen to music, communicate, and a lot else, it has become evident how important digital transformation has become. Be it entertainment or productivity, there is an app for everything. The skyrocketing number of smartphone users and applications has forced business organizations to re-evaluate their business models in order to capture the attention of an increasingly mobile society. The truth is mobile app development has become imperative for your business success and growth.

As the mobile app development market keeps thriving and evolving at a breakneck speed, your business needs to partner with the most skilled team of developers to find success and gain a competitive edge. As a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, Aiwa Digital can provide you with high-quality mobile applications of any category. In addition, our understanding of the latest technologies and key trends helps us build and scale mobile app solutions across multiple platforms and connected devices. Your business cannot afford to be left behind in today’s mobile-first world. So it is time to launch your app right away and transform your business for the better with Aiwa Digital.

How Mobile App Development Helps Your Business?

In the age of mobility that we live in, it has become practically impossible to live without smartphones and applications. Providing us with the power of ease and convenience, mobile applications are changing the very way we live our everyday lives. As mobile apps continue to redefine the way how businesses operate, traditional enterprises need to realize that going mobile is key to success.

1. Provide More Value to Your Customers

A mobile application is the most personal way to get in touch with your customers. When built with innovative and resourceful features, a mobile app can build long-lasting customer relationships. At Aiwa Digital, our app developers in Dubai help businesses to create engaging mobile apps that provide value to their customers.

2. Build A Stronger Brand

Having a mobile app for your business would be the best way to increase brand awareness as it guarantees more visibility of your products and services among the targeted audience. In contrast to traditional marketing strategies, a mobile app serves as the one-stop stop for effectively presenting and promoting all the relevant information about your business.

3. Connect With Your Customers

Modern age customers prefer convenience and promptness, which greatly influence their purchasing decisions as well. Mobile applications open up direct communication channels with your existing and potential customers through various features such as in-call messages, push notifications, reviews, call buttons and more. Unlike websites and other traditional channels, a mobile app helps your business serve the customers faster and better.

4. Boost Profits

When you launch a mobile app along with your responsive website, you are gaining access to a new world of opportunities. You can leverage automated marketing communications to encourage customer spending and grow your sales. Our team of professionals can guide you in monetizing your mobile app that would ensure extra revenue opportunities for your business.

5. Customer Insights

A mobile application provides your business a perfect opportunity to understand your customer behavior through valuable insights. To be more specific, your business can collect, analyze and leverage your customer data through mobile applications. This would help streamline your business operations by offering a personalized experience to your end-users.

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    Our Mobile Application Development Services

    At Aiwa Digital, we believe a successful mobile application is the perfect combination of customer needs, business goals and technological solutions. Being one of the top mobile app development companies in Dubai, we empower your business with feature-rich mobile apps. With our in-depth knowledge and varied experience building apps on top platforms, we will work on transforming your app ideas into fully-fledged, stable, and scalable mobile applications. Our mobile app development services include:

    Native App Development

    Aiwa Digital follows a well-structured development process and employs the latest technologies and tools to develop powerful native mobile applications for your business. A native mobile application designed for a specific platform and developed in a programming language native to the operating system ensures higher performance. If you are contemplating launching an app for the Android platform, we would be using Java or Kotlin. On the contrary, iOS applications are built using either Objective-C or Swift.

    Native mobile app development allows better access for device-specific features and functionalities such as camera, GPS, microphone, etc. This means flexibility and the ability to create customized solutions according to unique needs and requirements. Our mobile app developers in Dubai comply with the UI/UX standards while designing your mobile app, thereby ensuring an ultimate user experience. Robust performance, better security, easier bug prevention, higher API usability and solid functioning with simpler code are some of the major perks of native mobile app development.

    Cross-Platform App Development

    Our cross-platform mobile app development services focus on building versatile mobile apps that deliver excellent engagement and conversions across platforms, devices, industries, and audiences. Built using platform-specific, native UI components, cross-platform development ensures close to native UX and easy implementation. Experienced in the most popular cross-platform mobile technologies such as Flutter, React Native and Xamarin, our mobile app developers in Dubai strive towards building an application that offers seamless functionality and cost-effective production.

    Cross-platform frameworks allow developers to write code once and reuse the same on multiple platforms, minimizing time, costs and efforts. With Aiwa Digital’s cross-platform development, you will get a single app that works across multiple operating systems quickly and efficiently. If your business is unaware of the target audience and wishes to launch an intuitive app on both Android and iOS platforms with low development costs, cross-platform development would be your best bet.

    Hybrid App Development

    Hybrid mobile applications, a blend of web and native applications, are perfect for enterprises looking to launch their applications on many platforms. Bringing the best of both worlds, Aiwa’s hybrid mobile app development helps your business reach a wider audience. The proposed and approved business logic is programmed into a single code base that can be deployed on multiple platforms, reducing development costs and time to market. Our app developers in Dubai are well-versed in building hybrid mobile apps leveraging popular web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and high-level frameworks like PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha and many others.

    Faster development time, reusable code, customization and ease of deployability are some of the major benefits of choosing hybrid mobile development. If you are time bound and want to develop a simple mobile application to connect with your customers on multiple platforms, hybrid app development is the way to go. Being a leading mobile app development company, Aiwa Digital has helped many enterprises build and launch scalable hybrid mobile apps with optimal performance.

    Our Mobile App Development Process

    When you work with an experienced mobile app development company like Aiwa Digital, you can be assured of availing of innovative solutions. We follow a proactive approach to ensure optimal use of time and resources at every stage of development. Our team of professionals would include UX/UI designers, developers and quality assurance engineers who work together to transform your unique idea into a successful application.

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    Consulting and Strategy

    At Aiwa Digital, we start our mobile application development project with a detailed consultation with clients to understand their business goals and objectives. Then, paying keen attention to your business needs, our team of professionals would translate them into technical specifications and requirements. Having a sound understanding of what you want your app to achieve would help us create an effective strategy that would bring you closer to your goals.

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    UI/UX Design

    We believe the success of a mobile app depends on its user experience and value. That is why Aiwa Digital has a team of skilled UI/UX designers to work on your mobile app development process. Drawing insights from the consultation and strategy, our designers will begin to conceptualize and design the proposed mobile app’s prototype with as many details as possible. The main goal of UI/UX design is to create unique and beautiful user interfaces with a seamless user experience.

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    Application Development

    As we proceed into the development phase, our professionals will work together to develop an application that meets your customers’ needs and your business goals. Before kickstarting the programming efforts, we will select the application architecture, frameworks, libraries and off-the-shelf solutions based on your functional requirements and specifications. After that, app development will be accomplished in several stages, including creating a front-end interface, backend development, coding, integrations, database designing and more.

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    Quality Assurance and Testing

    At Aiwa Digital, we place the utmost importance on testing and quality assurance. Our team will test every functionality and feature of the mobile app before it goes live. We conduct different types of testing to evaluate the mobile apps’ usability, compatibility, security, performance, and user experience. Having a comprehensive testing strategy not only helps in detecting and fixing bugs but also ensures that everything functions smoothly for all users.

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    Deployment and Support

    Now the app is all set for the market launch, our mobile app developers in Dubai would deploy your applications into specific app stores. However, our process doesn’t end here, as we offer post-launch services that include evaluating the app performance, keeping track of app analytics and processing user feedback for further improvement.

    Why Aiwa Digital is One of the Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai?

    Mobile, the fastest-growing, disruptive technology in history, has forced organizations to reimagine their business models. Developing a mobile app for your business not only helps to stay competitive but also helps improve clients relationships and build brand loyalty. However, breaking into a highly competitive mobile app market won’t be easy. That is why you need the expertise and assistance of an experienced mobile application development company like Aiwa Digital to guide you towards success. Our team of mobile app developers in Dubai knows what it takes to successfully turn your app idea into reality.

    Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team

    We have an experience-led and outcome-focused team of professionals who understand your objectives and bring your ideas to fruition by building engaging and secure mobile apps. Well-versed in the latest mobile development technologies and trends, our team ensures to deliver quality mobile app solutions that reach an audience at scale and capture their attention.


    We believe in developing innovative mobile applications that solve problems and deliver value to your business and end-users. So no matter how complicated your app idea or business challenge seems, our team of app specialists is ready to explore and find an innovative solution for you.

    Integrity and Transparency

    At Aiwa Digital, we follow a transparent approach to mobile application development where we share every single detail of your project progress with you on a regular basis. Regardless of whether we are handling a small or large-scale project, our team ensures to deliver solutions with excellence with, commitment and integrity.

    Faster Delivery

    As one of the leading mobile application development companies in Dubai, Aiwa Digital provides a unique opportunity for our customers to be involved in every stage of the app development project. We use agile development practices that allow creating powerful app solutions on time and with a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

    Experienced with various Verticals

    With extensive experience working with diverse industry verticals, we have built a broad perspective that helps us understand the mobile-specific challenges of each domain. Backed with vast and sound technological expertise, our mobile app developers in Dubai can create unique solutions for your business. Aiwa Digital has developed mobile applications for a range of industries, including healthcare, logistics, education, finance, wellness and fitness, travel, social network, retail, transportation, productivity and more. No matter your business size or niche, our team can create bespoke mobile applications to transform your business digitally. Read more


    With Android and iOS dominating the global mobile market and walking so tightly in lockstep, the ideal approach would be developing and launching an application on both platforms. But we do understand that it is not a feasible option for all enterprises. That is why we consider key factors such as your target audience, budget, resources, desired app features and revenue goals before making a decision
    The time required to complete an app development project varies depending on your business goals, the complexity of the idea, and change requests. However, our developers follow an agile methodology that facilitates optimal utilization of resources and delivers the results within a stipulated time.
    The total costs of mobile app development in Dubai vary significantly based on your project specifications. A lot of variables go into mobile development, and that is why we can’t inform you about the app development costs right off the bat. Instead, we need to evaluate the proposed requirements, features, functionalities, customization and platform to estimate the budget.
    At Aiwa Digital, we always follow the latest security standards and techniques to prevent vulnerabilities and strengthen security. In addition, our team applies the best encryption and data security techniques to develop a highly-secure mobile app.
    The intellectual property right of an application will belong to the client. As a mobile application development company in Dubai, we will be responsible for building and launching the mobile app. Soon after the launch, we will transfer all the files and rights to our clients, ensuring ownership and property rights.

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