Which is the Best Choice for Your Business in 2019? Facebook or Instagram

Sep 28, 2019

Facebook and Instagram are two magnanimous social media platform which has made the whole world crazy with its awe-inspiring features. Likewise, the businesses are in no way untouched by their charisma. Both of these social media handles are enveloped with millions of daily users not only from any specific country but from all around the world. These platforms can bring victorious changes to your business if used prudently. Be it Facebook or Instagram for business; the pick depends on various factors.

To know the winner of the ultimate fight between Facebook and Instagram, we need to possibly, take off the curtains for some specified elements.

Who is the target audience?
The first thing first; is the target audience. When we talk about the audience of these two social media giants, there comes a vast difference.

Instagram offers a comprehensive platform for the younger generation. If we see closely, it is mostly run by young kids possibly below the age of 30-35 years. Along with this, there is a bunch of young adults and celebrities too.

While on the other hand, Facebook has an equal place for people of all ages. Right from young kids from 18 years to that of 65 to 7 years, everyone can be found on this social media platform.

Styling of the content
Both Facebook and Instagram are designed with a discrete content styling; therefore, this element cannot be ignored from a business point of view.
If your business rallies around fashion, beauty, or any creative stuff, then Instagram is the correct choice. Where this podium encourages creativity with filters, videos, boomerang, etc. but alongside, there are limitations in terms of describing the content in terms of text limitation and such.

Facebook offers an open platform for every possible niche, including politics, tech, gardening, and so on. There are good filters here as well, plus restraint on text or creativity does not exist.

Easy advertisement options
Both Facebook and Instagram share a parallel advertisement platform. To create a campaign on both of these platforms, one can get it done with just a Facebook account. The ads work on creating awareness, bringing engagement, and conversion of customers.

Well, it can be said that both these platforms share equal space on this subject matter, offering similar results.

Facebook Vs Instagram; who is the winner?
If you have your business online, then it is almost compulsory to market the product or services online, especially on Facebook and Instagram. There is no rocket science when it comes to conducting ad campaigns or coming under the eye of your target audience. You just have to perform your homework that is where your target audience and what are you looking for.

Final Words:
For instance, if you are looking for social media marketing Services and your business focuses on fashion or something related to the younger generation, then the spotlight should be on Instagram. And if the age limit is higher or you are looking for a mature audience then, then use Facebook for business.