Why is SEO important for your business?

Apr 10, 2020

The vast majority of online experiences start with online searches. The first five results get 67% of all clicks. Showing up on the front page of Google can be the deciding factor between a business that’s thriving and one that’s, well, not.

Which takes us to the question, What is SEO and why is it important for your business?

Search engine optimization is a concept that has revolutionized the way we do business and market our products. It is one of the most cost-effective, successful methods to gain market share. It helps in targeting the right traffic to your website which in result helps in the conversion of the visitors.

The search engine will crawl through your site indexing all the content and ranking your website.

What is the ultimate purpose of a search engine? Most people would be correct in saying “to deliver sets of answers.” Google is great at this. Type a query into Google and you’ll be presented with links, pictures, and videos.

People when online, engaging with content are looking for answers. The algorithm learns which content is on point and quality and it ranks the high-quality content better. In short, your content should provide the answers and give value to the visitors.

It’s very important for any business to show up on the first page of search results with relevant keywords. Internet users generally do not go on the second page of search results, hence your site ranking is more crucial to direct more traffic. Search engines are continually working to improve their ability to crawl deeper into web content and get better results daily.

SEO is more important now than ever before for the survival of your business. Here are the five reasons why.

  1. Search rankings are extremely important.
  2. Helps in connecting with interested audiences.
  3. It helps in creating credibility in the industry.
  4. Increases brand awareness.
  5. It generates organic traffic.

Is your site lacking in SEO? Or Your new site needs to be optimized. Now is the time to act and get ranking.